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The 'Resonant I' symbol, the logo for Resonant Image, is a visual representation of my philosophy for dealing with the world without being damaged by it.

There are elements of the symbol which can be easily understood, and other elements buried further down, so I'd like to explain this emblem before anybody else tries to explain it for me.

  1. The most obvious portion of the mark is the human eye, turned sideways, with a reversed 'R' forming the critical brow. This is a reminder to always view the world from one's own perspective, and remain critical. It is not a reference to the Illuminati or Freemason's 'Eye of Providence' which is supposedly about God's perfect vision. I do not care what kind of eyesight religious figures have.

  2. The top lid of the sideways eye forms a shield between the outer and inner worlds. Our perspective can protect us.

  3. The large white star on the left side of the symbol represents world events. This is reflected, smaller and dimmer in the pupil of the sideways eye. We can see that outside events are accurately perceived, however, the diminished size of the reflection and the differing color within the pupil communicates that we can never understand every aspect of an issue. Only through critical processing and humility can we create the most accurate perception, and we must remain mindful that it's always a reflection, rather than the entire truth.

The skeletal imagery prominent on a lot of Resonant Image work represents seeing "through" what's shown to us, and understanding the structures that create the monsters we deal with.

Of course, those skeletons also represent death, and the threat of death, which we find ourselves surrounded by. In this context, they're an attempt to look that threat in the eye without fear.

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